Welcome to freefly weekends

Cawabonga FREE-KENDS is event organized by top level flyers to all of you who needs kick up your Freefly skills to the space!
In these exact calendar weekends we will be focused on flying in a small groups 1/4 and practice your angle and freefly skills depending on your personal abilities.
And god damn bet your socks you will progress!

Its time to stop wasting money for these ” I will learn on my own” jumps and start to fly with precision and full body control…its time to fly with CAWABONGA TEAM!

Video debriefings, seminairs, full understanding theory, personal attention and sharing know how guaranteed!

Registration required!

100€ weekend registration fee
4 jumps minimum each day guarantee*
Minimum 200 jumps experience required
1 sensei / 4 ninjas
*if slots allows jumping till sunset possible

Join us in the sky because sky is our DOJO!

Hit us via facebook or on info@cawabonga.net